"You can't pour from an empty cup." Why it's important to take time to replenish.

Learning to say no has not been easy.

I’ve lost friends I thought I'd have in my life forever, I'm having uncomfortable conversations with people I've known my whole life.

Coffee with a friend sounds harmless, until that friend dumps a month worth of stress on your shoulders.

We are all responsible for maintaining a somewhat healthy mental state and I think sometimes we get so focussed on taking care of ourselves that we forget what that actually entails.

Yesterday, I had a Salt Therapy session, I took a friend with me but I made sure we both knew why we were there.

To take a breath, without feeling guilty.

To take some time out.

To support one another while working on ourselves.

"We are all responsible for maintaining a somewhat healthy mental state"

We all do it, we all support one another and go above and beyond for our loved ones but knowing when you need a minute to yourself..for yourself is imperative. I can't stress it enough.

So when you do finally take a minute, do not apologise for it.

Do not feel guilty.

You do not have to explain yourself to anybody.

Call it selfish, but I truly believe that taking care of yourself is more important than taking care of the person standing next to you.


Because once you have fallen down, you are no longer in a position to help anybody get up.

You first, them later.

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