Savage Force


"Savage Force" is a fiction piece written by MYllennial writer, Kiran Sohanpal.

She wasn’t perspiring, but she wasn’t entirely dry either. Her right hand instinctively went to smooth her long fringe from her face, only to be met with the soft bristles of a freshly shaved head.

"Right," she thought. "That."

It hadn’t been long since that night where, after mulling over the state of her life for too long, she opted to take control of something - anything. After a minute spent rummaging through the bathroom cupboard, untangling epilator cords and getting distracted disposing of expired and forgotten painkillers, her hand found the shaver. Once bought for the purpose of giving her dog a haircut that she’d seen on YouTube, it hadn’t since seen the light of day. The transformation from friendly neighbour to neighbourhood serial killer didn't take long. She didn't regret her choice; the brutally short hair meant she was better able to clean what could only be described as bodily fluids after these guilty nights alone. Soft squeals escaped her subject as she expertly manoeuvred her tools. Sometimes savage force was required to separate parts from the body; other times her deft fingers danced over the body, claiming smaller pieces. The insides always required greater finesse.

It crossed her mind that there would be many people out there secretly doing exactly what she was doing, but not benefiting from the freedom of living alone. These people in the shadows of cluttered garages or suburban backyards, mutilating bodies. The feeble excuses to their loved ones to explain the smells, the strange stains and keeping of odd hours.

Fortunately, she didn't have to mask the screeches, clatters or banging noises that would alarm any passersby. There were advantages of rural living and not having anyone within a 10km radius. It also meant that once she started working in the shed there was no one to call for help. She roughly wiped her hands on the cloth tucked into her jeans before cleaning all that she had dismembered, knowing that this wouldn't end well for her if she wasn't meticulous. As she leaned against the door admiring her work, she reflected on how happy she was. Despite the expectations of others - of what was proper or right to do as a woman - she had followed her passion to become a car mechanic. 

Kiran Sohanpal is a MYllennial columnist, fiction writer and an incredibly skilled Product Design Engineer.

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