Around the countryside and into the mountains. Here are 22 places to explore across Australia.


There’s nothing I enjoy more than adventures. Regional adventures, international adventures, city adventures, country adventures, spontaneous adventures, supermarket adventures... heck, I could go on, but I won't.

Travelling has long been a part of who I am and what my family does.

As a youngster, we’d pile into the Volvo and drive around the countryside, across the Nullarbor plains and straight into the mountains I now call home. These trips taught me some degree of patience and appreciation for the outdoors.

As kids, we were never allowed ‘in-car entertainment’. Our entertainment came from i-spy, reading maps, and subjecting our parents and older sister to endless ABC kids tapes that we’d have on repeat for the entire journey (sorry mum, sorry dad, sorry Shayne).

As a result, I’m in love with the sunrise and the sunset, with rock formations and how trees look in different environments.

So I’ve compiled a list of all the natural places in Australia that have amazed me the most.

Most Impressive:
Victoria River, NT – Australia’s own Grand Canyon
  1. Mount Buffalo, Victoria – Rockscape, moss bogs

  2. Valley of the Giants, Denmark, Western Australia – Big Ass Trees

  3. Victoria River, NT – Australia’s own Grand Canyon

  4. Pingrup, Western Australia – Salt Lakes

  5. Halls Creek, WA – Desert trees, like the snow gums of my home yet so different

  6. Jingellic, NSW – The untouched Murray River

  7. Lake William Hovel, Cheshunt, Victoria – Clearest water

  8. Norseman-Hyden Road, WA – a four-lane dirt road of nothing

Halls Creek, WA
Best places to watch Sunset:
College Lane, Mansfield, VIC
  1. College Lane, Mansfield, VIC

  2. Windjana Gorge, WA

  3. Mt Buller Summit/Fire tower, VIC

  4. Darwin Yacht Club, NT

  5. Cottesloe Beach, WA

  6. Long Beach, Robe, SA

  7. White Hills, TAS

  8. Mount Major, Dookie, VIC

Windjana Gorge, WA
Best Sunrises:
  1. Bicheno, TAS

  2. Trinity Beach, QLD

  3. Noosa Heads, QLD

  4. Claremont Bowls Club, WA

  5. Arrow Pearling Base, Cape Leveque, WA

  6. The Paps, Mansfield, Victoria

Now I expect that you’re thinking, “yeah Han, where’s the proof these are so amazing.” Well, the proof is in the way I felt so taken aback by these places, that I’m yet to take photographs of many of them. Or for some, I just think you need to experience it to understand.

An image, in cases such as these, cannot possibly do them justice.

I'll be sure to write a lot more about where I've been: off the beaten track and out to the boondocks.

H. x

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